Apparently I ruffled some feather with my ONE bracelet post last week, my wife’s feathers included.

 If I came across anti project RED to you please believe me that was not my intent. I had a conversation earlier that day with a person who had just finished using her Motorola(RED) cell phone and was complaining about all the consumerism around Christmas and all this “red” stuff. She went on to go on about they are doing “red” t-shirts, shoes, phones and all this stuff just to get people to buy “Christmas colored stuff”

I don’t make this stuff up people.

Go back and read it again, yes, she was using one of the “red Christmas phones”

I did tell her what the stuff was all about, and hopefully educated her a bit, but was very disenfranchised with the concept as a tool of education. I still am a firm supporter of the RED campaign, St. Bono told me to be, I don’t have a choice.

No seriously, I really do like the (RED) stuff, and I love that there are companies out there willing to give 10% of the proceedes to African development. For that I have to applaud them and give kudos and props. Of course if they went ahead and paid some of the emplowees a fair wage (by no means do I mean an American wage either) then perhaps some of the need would go down as well. But that isn’t to say I think they should stop what they are doing.

For those that have posted, e-mail and called me taking offense to my post I am sorry, in no way did I mean to offend, or to say that in making my own bracelet that I felt in someway supperior to those with the rubber ones. I actually didn’t even post the full thought process that I have on the ONE bracelets. I love the attention they have gotten, although I still see more Armstrong bracelets than ONE bracelets, in fact I have yet to see a ONE bracelet in my dive of a city… but I digress, and in no way am I a tree hugger, far from it actually, I like to hunt, and by hunt I mean kill animals for the purpose of eating them later, so my tree hugger card is revoked, but I do care deeply for our environment, and I would have thought that something as socially active as ONE could have developed something slightly more eco friendly than the rubber bracelet. I know leather would have excluded a ton of prople, metal is too costly, but the kids in Africa that wear the white arm bands use torn pieces of fabric. In fact, Mandela uses a ripped up fabric strip when he gives his speeches. I find it ironic that in promoting and end to extreme poverty they turn around and promote bad enviromental principles.

Please don’t read that to be that I want anyone to stop what they are doing, I want people to continue doing whatever they are doing to make a difference. I just want people to know what they are doing, I never want to have a conversation like I did last week again.

By the way, I do have a favorite GAP (RED) shirt, I just have never seen it in person, just on the website, it reads : UNCENSO(RED)  I wear a 3xl (if it runs big or I lose 25 pounds a 2xl)

I really do like the shirts, just not fads. And there is a difference between a fad and a movement, unfortunatly there are both going on right now. You will know who was on board with the fad and who got on board with the movement in 5 years, the fad people will be doing what ever is hip then, and the end to extreme poverty will be so “yesterday”

But for the most part if you are reading this blog and have made it this far, well I wouldn’t think the “fad” people would care enough to read this long into my soapbox.

Once again I’m sorry to those I offended, it wasn’t my attempt, and to the lone soul that dares to be misunderstood by wearing a (RED) shirt to our countrified church, major props and kudos to you…. you are doing what I want to see more people doing and that is STICKING OUT, making a visual statement, and declarin enough is enough to the world. There is a major difference in wearing the statement because you care and are trying to make a difference, and wearing the latest fad because MTV told you to.

2 Responses to “project(RED)”

  1. My poor, misunderstood, incredible husband. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your heart with your blog audience (which is 3X larger than mine!). Your “realness” is the best thing about you. Thank you for being “real” about the things that matter most in life.

    with love,

  2. Nice post. I liked it so much, I put up the quote at the end in my side bar.

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