Wednesday Caption Me #15

Drumroll please…………

thank you Lucas……..

you can stop now………

no I really mean it………….

stop playing my djembe……………..

for real, stop it……………….

I’m not kidding, I can’t talk when you are banging on that thing……………..

STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, good, no, don’t pick it back up, you are done, I have an announcement to make,

Obviously I didn’t make it to Ethiopia before Christmas, thus the contest continues a bit longer…. but if you read my wife’s blog you know it’s not for long, so the Grand Prize winner will be announce before Timket!! And you will get your prize in January, so keep playing!!!

Also I am looking for a few guest writers to fill in for me while I’m in Ethiopia on this trip (told you to read my wife’s blog) If you are interested drop me a line and let’s do cyber coffee….. I think it would be cool to get a few writers to all take one day and answer the same question, this needs to be done soon so hurry as the deadline to be a guest writer on the Avery show is next Wednesday.

4 Responses to “Wednesday Caption Me #15”

  1. “Don’t ask us to smile for the camera; we’re making music here.”

    I’ll guest blog if the question is good.

  2. […] In case you hadn’t taken a look at my sidebar recently, I’ve been racking up a lot of wins at Avery’s “Caption Me” contest where he puts up a photo and you get to add a caption. Now while I think I’m a pretty funny guy, the more likely reason I’ve been winning is that only a few people submit captions, so the competition is slim. This week, I’m the only one that has an entry. So, please go and leave a comment so that I don’t win by default.   […]

  3. introducing: the new american idol(s)

  4. “Concentration, required
    Earplugs, opitional”

    By the way, I love the photo! As a musician, it does my heart good to see children exploring rhythm and sound!

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