she needs a name

the blue battle axe needs a name, and other than names I’d rather the kids not call the family vehicle I’m stumped.

So what do you think she looks like? The Blue Meanie is the best I can come up with and still allow the kids to use the name…. and fits the mood of the beast.

Mind you I’m happy to have a family vehicle that runs, doesn’t need work, and fits our family of 6, but unless you just found me you know my feelings on vans.

Also I am trying to convince Heather to let my hot rod buddies and biker buddies with paint guns to go hog wild on her and to add a little “Avery class” to the paint, she isn’t too keen on the idea…. not even if it is free…… I even offered to do neon pink flames with red, yellow and green scalloping………………………..

12 Responses to “she needs a name”

  1. Well you can’t have Vannie (my Thing 1 named our van that – and our Jeep cherokee is Jeepie. Cuz he’s creative like that – ask me what his stuffed horse is named..)

    Ol’ Blue
    Blue Thunder (after the Monster truck) – then you could paint lightning on the side!
    The Blue Bomber
    Big Blue

    Or name it something really simple – but name it in another language!! It will make “Big Blue” sound cool if it’s in some exotic tongue!

  2. Blueberry!

    we always name our vans berry names. So far we’ve had Blueberry, Huckleberry, and Blackberry.

    Mary, mom to many

  3. We had a Datsun B-210 when I was a kid, that wreaked of catalytic converter, and was simply called “The Bomb”. My husband’s parents had an old ’67 Chevy Impala station wagon that they called “La Bamba”.

  4. I like big blue or the blue bomb……..can’t wait to hear what you choose!

  5. LOL @ shelley, I was just coming here to post “The Smurf”.

  6. I like:

    Big Blue
    The Blue Bomber

    or maybe

    The Blue Beast!

  7. I was going with the Smurf theme too, but take it a step further like:

    Smurf boat
    Smurf tank
    Smurfy van

  8. It looks like it’s a Fred. Not sure if that will work for a girl though.. hmph.

  9. I was thinking Babe – after Paul Bunyan’s blue ox. He was a hard worker and a faithful friend, as faithful as one can be to a tall tale . . . and he was big and blue too.

  10. I got it! The Loser Cruiser! That’s what we’ve dubbed ours!

  11. sackrosanct Says:

    How about The Maquina-tor? You get maquina (Amharic for car} with a fierce sounding ending for when you liven in up with paint.

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