The Pizza Hut Boycott Is Over

Do you remember this post?

Well after Pizza Hut first denied having anything to do with it, they then admitted it was a marketing campaign from the British sister company. They gave this real BS reply to our complaiants that another blogger has already found out that posting that reply get’s lawsuit threats, but basically he said get over yourself, we asked some people in our company who have been “affected” by adoption and they thought it was funny.. blah, blah, blah….

 Well the vile site is gone!!!!

I guess for as much as they wanted to sy it was just “funny” enough of a voice was made, enough calls were made, and enough dollars were seen to be lost that they pulled the site.

Now I have yet to get an apology, but I am glad to see that by joining together and making our voice known the website is now gone.

Thank You for all that helped!

4 Responses to “The Pizza Hut Boycott Is Over”

  1. reunionwritings Says:

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention Avery. It’s amazing what can happen when all the members of the adoption community work together.

  2. “Affected by adoption,” that’s funny. Maybe next I’ll get “affected” by winning the lottery.

  3. reunionwritings Says:

    That blogger you mention is me. Am I being paranoid because I feel a bit snubbed by you Avery. I don’t know why you would do that so I must be paranoid.

    I got more than one thousand hits on my blog about this and after I wrote the post about Pizza Hut the ad got removed. It’s amazing what we can do together, all sides of the adoption community.

  4. Our 4 year old was really into our Pizza Hug boycott and took it very seriously because “we care about adoption.” Well, he was happy to hear that the boycot had worked. Avery and I are starting a non-profit adoption related ministry called Konjo Kids and our log contains a little hand inside of a big hand. The Ronald McDonald House is using the same idea as a log right now and when our 4 year old saw this log, he was very upset that “McDonalds took our Konjo hand!” This week I took him for ice-cream at McDonalds and he suggested that “maybe our family should boycott McDonalds since they took our Konjo hand”…I guess he’s learned the power of a boycott…except that they didn’t steal our “Konjo hand!”

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