OK, I will get back to the themed posts on Black History Month, but tonight we have to take a tangent because my kids are just too dang cute! 

First you need to know the family dynamics around here. Kaitlyn calls herself “Little Avery” and Lucas, well he is Lucas, but a definite momma’s boy. Well I was drying Kaitlyns hair after her shower and Lucas and Heather were in the other room carrying on about making up names for each other and, well, just doing the stuff that they do.  

What caught my attention though was the fact that Kaitlyn let out this huge sigh and BIG roll of the eyes. I asked her what was wrong and she looked at me and said “They make me crazy! They are soooooo annoying.”  

Now to understand all of this you really need to know her temperament, but for those of you that do you know just how funny this exchange is, and how over the top dramatic she is.  

Well I asked her if mommy and Lucas do this stuff all the time, and she replied, “YES!!!!  ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time. Especially in the car. Sometimes I just wish mommy would stop the car and let me walk behind the car so I don’t have to hear them anymore.” 

After a moment of thought she looked at me and said, “I could walk in front and mommy could drive behind me if she wanted to make sure I stayed safe.” 

I was dying laughing, it was such a classic moment. Yes, I know the stupid games Heather and Lucas play, making up words and playing Lucas monkey and the such. Kaitlyn and I are much more laid back around the house, and would rather be alone than play with someone else, yet Kaitlyn and I love social interaction and thrive on interaction with others, while Heather and Lucas are both introverted and don’t like crowds.   I know the response Kaitlyn has for the games, but it was so classic to hear this little 6 year old try to explain it.  

Then when I told Heather the interaction I had with Kaitlyn she doubled over and actually fell over laughing so hard.  

I love these kids.


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