Corporate Marketing, Perhaps they were drinking the vintage Coke

 You probably saw this ad run on the Superbowl. A nice feel good theme to it, made you feel all warm and fuxxy inside, and wanted to go grab a Coke to celebrate the accomplishments from over the years.

But then there are those that want the actions of the company to line up with the words on the TV.  Apparently that is a different story all together.

No answers, just the information. Sorry people but this is the world we live in. I don’t know how to change it except to open as many eyes as possible to the truth.

Once your eyes are open to the truth, even your dreams then know. Once your eyes are open to truth, it is madness to continue to live the lie. Once your eyes are open to the truth, your conscience can be an educated guide. 

I remember the actions and law suits listed in the second ad, I remember them being tag lines to fill space in the back of the business section of the paper, the gap fill on the late local news, the brush off of something people just don’t want to hear about. Instead we want to look the other way when companies continue to propagate this racism, but then we want to still bask in the warm fuzzy glow when they run a racial harmony Superbowl ad.

One Response to “Corporate Marketing, Perhaps they were drinking the vintage Coke”

  1. And let’s not forget which cola giant it was that put Santa on the map… Seriously, Avery — two words: NEVER CHANGE! It is important to always keep the truth in the forefront.

    BTW — I am going to have to take a day off from work to finish catching up on your blog since you got back from Ethiopia. Okay, so I want a day off but I also legitimately need quiet time with a cup of fair trade Ethiopian blend coffee to really absorb all that you’ve had to say in the past few weeks.

    Keep on fighting the good fight!

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