So what is good news? 

Would Good news be that there is finally an end in sight? 

As in Thursday, February 15, 2007 there is a court date scheduled with my children’s names on it. 

As in the day after that I will be posting photos of my kids out here for the first time for my adoring public to see? 

As in the best Valentines gift from God we have ever got? 

And that is saying something because on a certain Tuesday on a February 14th God provided my Honorable Discharge from the army in some very “God” circumstances.


9 Responses to “GOOD NEWS!!!!!”

  1. Spectacular news, Avery!! I can hardly wait to see pictures of your kiddos, but more importantly, to hear that the last major obstacle has been cleared from the path to your family being united. This has been an amazing journey to follow. I am really looking forward to a happy ending. 8^)

    I’ll be praying!

  2. That’s not just good news. That’s GREAT news!!!!! Congratulations!

  3. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  4. Ixabyair yimesgin!!! (Yeah, my Amharic’s pretty pathetic, but I do know “Praise God!”)

    This is the first I’ve commented on any of your posts, but as a very quick introduction, my family is currently living in Addis doing HIV/AIDS work with SIM and I just stumbled across your blog a week or so ago. Most blogs are blocked from here, as you know, but I’ve been able to access yours. I’ve been praying for you! And please feel free to email me if there’s anything we can do to help you when you come to get your kids.

  5. Every day I come on here to be challenged and entertained by your perspectives, thoughta and ideas but more so than that I come here in the hopes that I will see the news that your adoption is proceeding to the next step. Praise God for this GREAT news!

  6. That is great news for the whole family… can’t wait to hear the good news…

  7. congratulations! what a touching valentine’s gift from God. looking forward to seeing photos 🙂

  8. I am at work but all I can do is continuously go to your blog and hit “refresh” in the hopes that you have updated your website (and, yes, I am obsessively checking Heather’s too!). Praying all morning that you get the call and we can finally see ALL of your children! 🙂

  9. Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing for your family to see God working everything out for good for you! What a happy day!

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