Please Pray.

Please pray for us. Yesterday our new phones came in. We found a killer deal when we had to renew our contract for our cell phones, the Motorola (RED) phone for $29. And since the proceeds come from Motorola and the rebates were from our cell phone company, 200 babies are protected from their mothers HIV during pregnancy.  The (RED) program is just one of the reasons I love Bono so.  

Well today Heather went to go speak at a school for a project they are doing for Africa (Ethiopia specifically) and when the principle took her down to the office to talk to her for a few minutes (this is the school Heather would like to teach at next year, and the principle sat through her presentation to see if she liked Heather and the principle told her she was VERY interested, as in she WANTS Heather to teach there next fall) But when Heather made it back to the classroom one of the 3rd grade imps had swiped Heathers phone from her stuff!!

Not even 24 hours old and it’s stolen, and by a 3rd grader at that. And the replacement cost would be around $360 for the same phone.  

The teacher has a small group of suspects, and is moderately hopeful that they will give It back once pressed, but as you can imagine this really sucks! 

Like I said, please pray, specifically that Heather’s phone will be returned. Thanks.


2 Responses to “Please Pray.”

  1. Praying for her and also praying that you get a phone call today with news about your children. I hope you hear soon….

  2. oh that is such a shame! i have had my eye on those phones too… wanting one. praying she will get it back. thinking off you this morning… the b-i-g day. 🙂

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