My Sister is no Longer a Moore.

I’ve been waiting for my sister to respond to my e-mail with some photos of her wedding before I posted it out here. She got married out in Minnesota Missouri on January 24th, I wasn’t able to go, but the ceremony looks sweet from the photos I got from my wife from my dad from my sister (who has yet to respond to my e-mail).I have yet to meet Os, Grace’s husband, but he has met my kids as he came into town the week I was in Ethiopia for a family get together at my uncles house.

The wedding took place in their home, with a small group of friends, other than that I know nothing. The house is divided in residential and cafe, this photo being in the cafe.

One of the nice bits to this family update is that my children are no longer the only black people at the family reunion. That’s a good thing.

Congrats kids. Send me an e-mail and perhaps you will get more than a blog post!


One Response to “My Sister is no Longer a Moore.”

  1. Missouri! I come here looking for pictures of my nieces and nephews (at 4 in the morning for some reason) and under them I find a factual error regarding our sister’s place of residence.

    Of course I haven’t so much as talked to them since the night they got married (and then only for a few seconds) so I’m as out of the loop as you are.

    But who cares, Yosef and Mihret are coming home!

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