Phone Update

Well they caught the kid who stole the phone, only after he flushed it down the toilet though.

Even with that they still retrieved it, but no, it doesn’t work.

Now the family of the child paid for a new phone, costing them $360 but all is right with the world again.

Heather is happy to finally have a phone that works in the house, you don’t have to stand next to a window with you head tilted to the side witht eh blinds open for it to work (yes that really is how bad her old phone was)

The kid was expelled from school, it was his 3rd strike, but the school is trying to put the boy in counseling, he obviously needs it. I don’t know if they even know why he did it, the last thing he stole was a teachers flash drive, so obviously he likes technology, but he is an 8 year old kid. What is he going to do with it when he gets home?

On the downside to all of this, wouldn’t one think that a company the size of Alltel, would look at a business client (my work mandates I have this phone thus they put me into a corporate plan, saves me 15% a month on my base bill) who have been a good customer for 2 years, and had this phone for 24 hours. Wouldn’t you think they would want to work with you on replacing the phone after this kind of experience. No, actually Heather got so mad that they wouldn’t work with her that she almost canceled her phone all together, I’m sure the piss poor customer service didn’t help at all either. But what can you do? The phone is back, we paid taxes on it so not a big deal, not really.

Of course part of the bad experience is probably due to the fact that she was also trying to get home before the Trane repairman showed up at our door. The motor on our heater decided to die last night, making our house 52 degrees.  Well the guy did fix it this afternoon, so our house is in the process of warming up, slowly.

Now we just have to get a plumber out to fix our bathroom.

I think we just spent the money for the new roof.

I have a house, it has heat, nothing leaks, and I have a cell phone, not to mention we both have University degrees, I have a job, and we have enough extra to adopt 2 kids (with the huge blessings and gifts from others that is) so where does that put me, in the top 3% of the worlds richest people?  No I’m not joking, go look it up.

I’m happy. Good enough.

2 Responses to “Phone Update”

  1. Isn’t Feb 15th almost over in Ethiopia? Any word?

  2. I guess on the bright side of the phone deal is that another 100 women and babies will receive meds b/c another (RED) phone was purchased! LOL! Glad to hear that it was replaced.

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