Mihret is going to be a handful, just like her brother Lucas she is a toatl cutup and will do anything for a laugh.

So far I think I’ve heard her speak about 10 times, as she is very quiet and whispers everything when we are around. It’s an Ethiopian trait, one I’m sure she will outgrow quickly once settled in. It’s sweet and funy but hard to hear her when she is whispereing something in a loud environment.

Now geting her to laugh, that’s easy, and she does it so very much, and is very bousterous as well with that.

Now when she gets home and we have two kids that want nothing more than to make you laugh, and want to out do any other comedian in the room. Yeah………………

Luckily the teen years are a bit off for these 2. Funny thing is Lucas has his birthday December 31, and Mihret then celebrates hers on January 15. Not only are they the same temperment, they get to celebrate their birthdays right together too!

And soon we will have family photos of all 6 of us together!!!!!

6 Responses to “Mihret”

  1. I will leave one comment on all three posts. CONGRATS!! They are beautiful. I know you have to be thrilled.

    On a side note I “found” your blog whenyou left a comment on mine. I had no idea that you two Heather were married until you both put pics up of the kiddos… boy am I out of the loop…lol.

    Anyway congrats to you both.


  2. Hi there. Congratulations!!! I just found your blog. we’re in the wait mode right now. It’s inspiring to see your match came through and follow your journey. I’ll continue to watch. Enjoy your journey. The children are so lovely!

  3. Congratulations Avery!!!

    Dawn & Chris

  4. Avery (and Heather),

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to see these pictures. What a blessing and a relief to have this finished (almost). You have been patient and cheerful (;-)) during this whole thing. I am so happy that they are yours. They are beautiful children (like their other sibilings) and look so happy. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you travel very, very quickly.

    P.S. I will have to consult w/ Heather about hair tips!

  5. Beautiful! What a gorgeous child!

  6. Sunday Landraint Says:


    I am adopting a little girl from Ethiopia and was wondering how the name “Mihret” is pronounced.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sunday Landraint

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