They Are Mine!

Yes, it’s official, they are now part of my family legally, not just in the heart.  

So let me introduce to you, Yosef Justice Daniel Moore.  

And his beautiful sister Mihret Zoe Daniel Moore


And lest I start the sibling rivalry early, this is Kaitlyn Joy Moore, with friend.


And the baby of the bunch, Lucas Benaiah Moore



7 Responses to “They Are Mine!”

  1. Congratulations Bro! I know you haven’t had a chance to be in touch lately cause you’re so busy but I want you to know that your family has been in my prayers (and the prayers of the students and staff at the seminary). My neices and nephews couldn’t be cuter and we couldn’t be happier for you and Heather. Please pass along my love to Heather and the kids.

    Your Brother,

  2. Soooo happy for you! I have been waiting to hear this news. They are beautiful.

  3. YAY! We are so thrilled for you guys and they are fantastic… just amazing. He is so cute and she is beyond pretty. I just know that you guys have waited so long and I cannot imagine how hard it must have been but I am so glad that your hopes and dreams for this family of Moore’s was also that of God. He is good and I think it is SO great that He provided this good news for Valentine’s Day… You gave your heart to Him and He gave what has been in your heart to you . . . two more beating hearts to love!

    God bless your family and congratulations.

  4. oh my. what beautiful children. the light in their eyes…
    wow. i am deeply touched. congratulations, we are so very happy for you… and for yosef and mihret.

  5. What great photos! What a beautiful family. How great to have taken your others’ with you as well. What a great experience for them. Blessings! Amy

  6. what a great kids you have because my kids dont even listen what i say see ya dad.

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