Old Baby Wrap?

So your baby is all grown up and you have the wraps that you used to tie the kid to you side with, so what is it good for now?Well as my wife models here it makes quite the sexy little winter/fall wrap.

To be honest I didn’t have a clue what “baby wearing” was until a few months ago, we always used slings and what not to carry the kids around, but we didn’t know there was a group of people that had a marketing term for it. In fact when I first heard the term i wondered if it had something to Silence of the Lambs.

This sling was picked up in Ethipia when we escorted a baby back to the States. Now just a month to go until we get to do the trip to bring our own kids home.


2 Responses to “Old Baby Wrap?”

  1. I love baby slings and love to see them used in different cultures. Nothing sweeter than the feeling of a warm baby next to you.

  2. “silence of the lambs”… ha! 🙂 yeah, here’s to crunchy, ap, baby-wearing, cloth diapering parenting… count me as one of ’em.

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