The “Quick” Project From Sheol

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Looking at the photo above you see a nice room. The air vent is missing (it’s currently drying behing the house) but let me tell you how it wound up there!

Saturday the toilet started leaking BAD. Looking at it there appeared to be a crack at the back of the bowl, and then in attempting to removed the toilet I wound up shattering the base SO TO LOWES I GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we found the toilet we wanted and Heather wanted to replace the tile while we had it up. So we grabbed some peel and stick and headed home.

Well the current floor, a really, really ugly pink, was peeling up around the edges, so that had to come up. Well under it was the laminate that was identical to the old 80’s McDonalds floors. That was peeling up as well. Under that was another brown laminate floor, and that was on top of old blue vynel tile floor, that wasn’t adhered to the subfloor at ALL. Well the entire floor came up and we were down to wood.

Now the subfloor was in good shape, but they installed it like crap, there was a one inch gap between the floor and the walls everywhere. 5 tubes of caulk later, and an old can of latex paint and the floor was ready to put down.

Now when you pull out 4 layers of floor and put down one, guess what happens to the floor? And what kind of idiot would intall an O-ring on top of the 3rd layer?

So next we have to call a plumber thinking we were going to have to pay for the cast iron pipe to be cut down for the o-ring to be dropped an 1/2 inch. But the guy showed us how to fix it with some shims and did it for free.

Well I went to put the sink back in and discovered the brass pipes conected the faucet were cracked, and that I had to replace the entire faucet as it was so old the pipes didn’t disconnect.

Now this discovered came last night at 9pm, so I ran to wal-mart and discovered they don’t really sell faucets, nothing that is going in my house anyways.

So the room is almost back together now. as in tonight.

The air vent is drying from being spray painted, and I am still trying to figure out how to hide the 1/2 inch drop above the sink, as the paint was a custom mix and we are OUT. and under that stupid vanity the front board snapped in half when I tied to replace our broken faucet in the tub (I can’t unscrew the old one to put a new one in)

So this is the room, almost done, but finally functional after nearly a week of having to go upstairs to use the restroom.

At least it’s done (nearly) unlike so many of the projects that I get into and find my self lost in stuff I know NOTHING about (not that I knew how to do any of this.


4 Responses to “The “Quick” Project From Sheol”

  1. I’m so glad stuff like this happens in other families too! Somehow the simplest of projects just gets bigger and bigger and more expensive!

    Reminds me of the time I decided to paint the kitchen cupboards – hubby came home to no doors on them, they were all scattered in various degrees of painting/drying. I didn’t know I had to number the doors and cupboards so they went back in the same order!

    Congratulations on having 2 bathrooms once again.

  2. What about just raising the vanity back up with something underneath it? You could also try getting a big chunk of paint and having them color match it.

    I’m tiling the bathroom this weekend. I’m a little scared since this is our only bathroom. Your story didn’t help.

  3. saw your comment on my blog from elizabeth, and thought i’d check out your remodeling story. it’s never as easy as it seems:)

  4. I am slightly jealous. We had almost the same scenario with our bathroom about a year ago. Unfortuantely, my husband has still not gotten to that particular project, and we are still down to the subfloor.

    And how about just putting a nice piece of molding on that spot, painted white to match your trim?

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