Done enough to call it done

OK, all day Saturday I spent rebuilding the dumb vanity cabinet. When I put the old one back in part of it shattered (the kick board) and it has dropped some height making a mess on the wall.

Well what I did was buy a sheet of 3/4 inch ply and built a new cabinet out of that. We made it nearly an inch taller than the old one, making for an unusually high sink, but it covers the damage to the paint from removing it before!

When we took apart the old one we discovered that there was an instalation sticker on the back of it, we couldn’t read the signature but it came from Sears & Roebuck and was installed on October 11, 1976. The vanity was older than my wife!!

I wish I had a photo of how this room started, pink tiles, pink walls, pink curtains, pink floor, it was like being inside a pepto bismol bottle!

Now we call it the grape room. Faux marble (painted by me) ceiling, purple walls, white trim, peel and stick marble floors, and a vanity that would hold a volvo on it!

I have to move the molding down (need to buy the right nails) and fix the faucet on the bathtub (I can’t remove the old one and I’ve tried everything) and it will be done done.


One Response to “Done enough to call it done”

  1. Avery,

    The bathroom looks beautiful! Good job on the cabinet, too. I wish you luck with the bathtub faucet and hope that it’s a quick project!


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