I’ve been really liking this song, it plays a lot on the radio around here. I have a pinched nerve in my back that makes it hard to walk at times, there is no way I am riding the bike, so I’ve been taking the van to work for the last few months (the nerve is only about a month old, was sick before that, etc. etc.) So I have been listening to a lot more radio than I have for the last 5 years (when I sold my car)

Well this song has really resonated with me and I have wished more Christians would get the point of the song, to get the irony of it all, that there is a generation out there that is just “waiting”

Really the video does is better than I could, this is a church production of the song, very well done might I add, that sums it all up into a nice groovy tune. We are all guilty of waiting on someone else to make the first move. Guilty of being scared to present the truth to those in need of it. Guilty on inaction in times in need of action. Guilty of apathy, of blindness, of anger, of resentment. Guilty of waiting.

It’s time to stop being guilty and start “doing” It’s time to take a hard look around and see where the world needs our impact. It’s time to stop being an lawn gnome of life, useless, ugly, and despised, and to start being useful, like the living water of rain to a parched lawn.

Waiting, waiting for this or for that, waiting to lose some wait, make some money, get married, adopt a kid, get pregnant, earn a degree, buy a house, waiting for the world to pass you by so at the end of your life you are left with nothing but a lot of “waiting”

Instead of waiting, lets try doing for a change.  

What are you “waiting” for?


2 Responses to “waiting”

  1. I am sitting in my office and doing what I do every morning — drinking my coffee and checking in on my blog-buddies. I don’t know why but watching this video (love the song too, BTW) made me cry. Why? What am I waiting for? Maybe my fear of the answer is what brought me to tears. I am in a job I hate on a cog of a wheel I cannot seem to break free of and I am tired of waiting….

  2. Thanks. This article reallyh struck a nerve with me. I guess it should strike a nerve with anyone who reads it. What am I waiting for? Nothing. Waiting is just another way of not doing what you are supposed to be doing. And making it harder to do because you put it off. Thanks, Jim

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