Heather tells me we can’t sue, but I’m still angry

What would you do if your 6 year old daughter came home from school one day to tell you a man came into her school, took her from the classroom and took her and 5 other kids to HIS workplace in his car and you had no foreknowlege of this event?

 I’m serious, the only thing keeping me from blowing an absolute gasket is that it was one of the local police officers, and he took them to the police department as a reward for some socio economical experiment to try to get the kids to “like” the police instead of fearing and hating them. I meant to say it was a reward for being caught doing something good in school. They would never stoop to using propaganda to try to change the popular youth opinion of government officials here in America would they? That’s something only the communist would do right?

 So Kaitlyn was taken from class and put in a squad car with 4 other kids, 4 in the backseat, one in the front, and taken to the police department. Mind you North Carolina has a car seat law, that this driving arangement would cost me my liscense, but I guess the police don’t have to follow the laws, just enforce them. We have police mini buses, and police vans, even a police SUV, I know the police department is within walking distance of my house I see them parked out there all the time. There were plenty of ways to get the kids to the police department safely, and legally, but I guess it wouldn’t be as “cool” as riding in the squad car.

 Now I have received no notification from the school that this happened, I signed no permission slip for my child to leave the school grounds, and had no idea this happened until my child told me.

I’m not going to be quite about this either, I don’t know exactly what I want to say, or to whom, but this was simply unacceptable.

Like I said, Heather says we can’t sue, but I’m still angry.


6 Responses to “Heather tells me we can’t sue, but I’m still angry”

  1. Samantha Says:

    What would I do………….HOMESCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I have officially de-lurked myself. I got your link from the Heldt’s blog, they are friends of ours. I am praying for the quick uniting of you and your Ethiopian children. I can’t wait to read about it. God bless!)

  2. Oh…I would be LIVID!!! You are so right to be angry! I would contact someone at the school and complain VERY strongly. And, if you don’t get a response you appreciate….perhaps a letter to the editor of the local paper? I am sure that lots of other parents would not appreciate this either. This was bad behavior on the part of the school district and the police department.

  3. What would I do…well since I’m not a father yet…well I do own a small dog….and I am called her daddy..but that’s for another times…..If I WOULD have been you….I would have marched right into the school…shaking my fists and demanding to speak to the principle. Because who knows! If that police guy was real. Or even if he could be trusted….just because he has a police outfit on doesnt’ mean he should be trusted…it’s just the same as any other Bob off the streets. Then after I would be done ranting and raving at the school…I would head to the police station and get the guys badge for it….maybe alittle over protective…and I know you have to let kids go….*heck i don’t have any yet and I am still freaked about the world today*…oh yeah and go to the news and newspaper…making sure the school knew what they did was wrong….heck..to bad you can’t sue…you could rename….Avery’s School 🙂

  4. Avery, I don’t blame you for being angry – I would have been furious. Having them leave the school without my permission would have made me angry enough to talk with the teacher and principal. Not putting my child in a car seat – I’d be in the superintendent’s office and they’d be lucky if I were any calmer than a hurricane. I respect their intention of rewarding positive behavior and this could have been a great reward if it had been handled more carefully. I’m really glad that nothing bad happened to any of the kids.

  5. I would be furious! This is completely unacceptable. I would certainly make heads roll. There seems to be a prevelant belief that educators know what is best for our children and can mold them however they wish. It frightens me. Homeschool sounds good… my mom did it for me… and I am thankful.

  6. Good thing your daughter just stretched the truth and the police aren’t as bad as you were trying to make them out to be!

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