the truth behind the story

Today I did contact the school and the superintendant, and I was informed that she was taken to see  police car, one that was parked in a parking lot, at the school, and nothing more. 5 students were given this treat but the car never moved, period.

So I called my daughter to speak to her about this, and when I told her what the principle said she admitted that she made up the entire story. Why? Because she thought that this made for a better story. My words not heres.

So we addressed this lie, and had a LONG talk about lieing and the trouble this has caused. Perplexed isn’t even the word for it.

Parenting, it’s always something new isn’t it….

2 Responses to “the truth behind the story”

  1. Wow! I’m just catching up on this story. If it HAD happened, ughhh…I can’t even imagine the levels of pissedoffedness that I would have achieved. LOL! Glad to hear that it didn’t, but sorry that you are going through the lying thing. Sounds like she was trying to impress you guys. Make you proud of her by telling you how she was “chosen” to do this very special thing. I dunno, kids lie for all sorts of reasons. Just hope it doesn’t become a habit!

  2. “pissedoffedness” – I am TOTALLY using that in the future. Awesome! Glad the school did not violate your trust but sorry that your daughter caused you such strife. I am sure that she just thought it was FAR more exciting to GO than to just be in the parking lot. Imagination run wild.

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