theft, or I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it now,

Theft, and dumb theft at that, it really makes my blood boil.

 Over the weekend I went out to the garage to pull out Yosef’s bike, wanted to make sure the tires were pumped and it was ready for riding as we will have him home in a matter of weeks, we will be with him later this week.  Well after over an hour of looking in my small innner city backyard, and 1 car garage, I have to admit it was stolen.

Now Kaitlyns bike is a better bike, Heather’s bike was right next to it, my motorcycle next to it, but the bike is gone. Now 2 weeks ago one of Kaitlyn’s freinds was riding it around the back yard, so it happened within the last two weeks. We have another bike, an old bike we picked up on the side of the road, but it needs a little work in order to really be ridable. Easy enough, but it really irks me that the nice bike we had for the kid is gone!!

 It’s really frustrating, it was in my garage, but there really isn’t anything I can do about it. If I call the cops I have to have a vin number to match even if they found the bike, I can wait for an auciton and then buy it back from the police in a lot, but then I wind up with 20 bikes for $20 (if you like working on them it’s a good way to make a little side money, or a great ministry to give bikes to needy kids) But it will be beat up and rusty by then, as they store them outside in a bige pile.

I could drive around the neighborhood, and I would probably find the bike, but am I going to take it from the kid riding it? Would I have any proff that it was mine? I mean the peeling sticker on the frame isn’t really a huge “that’s mine” statement.

 But does it really matter in the long run. I will find the kid a bike that is decent soon enough. With everything we have to get used to, that he has to get used to, a stolen bike that he never saw (he knows it existed as he asked if he had a bike in America) well I can’t imagine it will be at the top of thoughts of needs.

The blog will go barren for a while later this week.

I’ll pick up again when we return, with kids in tote.

Love you all. Thanks for being here with me through the ride.


5 Responses to “theft, or I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it now,”

  1. Is there a local reporter you could call about it? At the very least, I would like to know that the theif sees it on TV or in the news and feels like a big jerk for stealing the bike of a child who deserves it so much.

  2. ..Love you family pic.. hmm they all seem to have daddy’s cheekyness 🙂

  3. I’m glad you are able to see past your anger. It is terrible that people are so thoughtless, but that is part of the make-up of a thief. You, however, know the truly important part is that he will be home soon. It’s obvious your heart is big enough for him. Thanks for sharing and I hope you get it back, Jim

  4. That sucks! But, I know that God will provide another one very soon and maybe it will be even nicer than the one you had for him before. Love and Blessings to you while you are away on this trip! We cannot wait to see your whole family once you get settled and venture out of the house! Glad to read Heather’s blog and see that she was surprised and blessed by the shower. wIsh I could have been there. 😦

  5. Yeah, I’m not to worried about it, we get bikes all the time as people out grow them and toss them out (we never buy them) I was just really bummed because this bike was one of those trendy bikes with the pegs on the wheels and stuff, the BMX trick bike stuff.

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