Please Pray For Lucas

Tonight at about 6pm Lucas was in a severe accident in our kitchen. We are unsure as to the “how” but the result was that he knocked over a wok full of boiling oil off the stove and all over his body.

Heather rushed him to the hospital, as 911 was being useless, and I was at the store at the time.  The local hospital saw it was beyond their abilities and they transferred him to UNC to the pediatric burn ward. UNC is rated as having one of the best burn units in the world, so we are in good hands.  

It’s 1:30am and I am getting ready to sleep in the waiting room at the UNC burn center. I will be able to check into the Ronald McDonald house tomorrow morning, hopefully, if they have room. I will be here for several days, we won’t know more until tomorrow.   

At this point the doctors are all amazed with Lucas, the fact that he is as happy as he is with everything that is going on.  

They lowered his percentages from 20% to 11% of body mass covered in severe burns. They believe they are 2nd degree, but by the nature of oil burns they may develop into 3rd overnight.  

Basically he pulled a pot of boiling oil off the stove and onto his body. Thank God it missed his head, but it hit his back, his arms, and legs and feet.  The skin was peeling off his back and arm, and the rest of the areas were heavily blistered.  

He finally fell asleep around midnight, after fighting sleep for so long. They were shy on food, and we caught Wendy’s in it’s last 10 minutes of being open and got him some chicken nuggets, as he never did get to eat the perrogies Heather was cooking.  

The threat at this point is the bad areas of the burn could develop into 3rd degree burns that may need surgery. More importantly though is the fact that infections can be life threatening. 

I will continue to update when we get more information.  

Thank you for your prayers. 

As far as the other children, a friend was able to watch them for us tonight, and my mother and brother are coming into town tomorrow to stay with them until we are able to check out of the hospital.


65 Responses to “Please Pray For Lucas”

  1. Definitely praying. Ronald McDonald House will take outstanding care of you so you can focus all your energy on helping Lucas get better.

  2. ohhhhh…praying


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  4. (Sent here through a link at Owlhaven’s)

    I will be praying!

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  6. Huge prayers oing out!

  7. We’ll be praying…

  8. Praying…. without ceasing…. for you, Heather, Lucas and the rest of your family. Praying for the doctors to be able to adequately and properly treat Lucas’ condition with hands touched by God to make him physically whole and healthy. Praying for all this and more.

    Brian and Laura

  9. You are in my Prayers.

  10. Hear me, O Lord, for your lovingkindness is good: turn to me according to the multitude of your tender mercies, and do not hide your face from your servant, for I am in trouble; hear me speedily. Psalm 68:16-17
    Praying that the Great Physician will heal Lucas!

  11. When my brother was about 4, he did this but thankfully with boiling water. He got a 2nd degree burn on one of his legs and it took about a month of daily visits to the hospital for him to recover. He doesn’t even have any scars now. And he also doesn’t remember any of it.

    I know your son has more serious injuries, but I wanted to bring a bit of hope in this dark moment. I’ll be thinking about him today.

  12. Avery,

    Praying for your son!


  13. So sad about your news…I am praying and have added the prayer request to my blog!

  14. Praying for your little guy!

  15. oh no! i am so sorry. poor little guy! steve and i will remember lucas to our Father.

  16. Praying for you all and especially for Lucas.

  17. I will be praying for Lucas and the rest of your family. I am confident that God will take care of your little boy and restore him to total health and wellness.

  18. Lucas and your family are in my prayers.

  19. I am here from Owlhaven and am praying for him too.

  20. Praying for you.

  21. Lucas is in our thoughts and prayers.

  22. Here from Owlhaven and praying too! My little one had second degree burns last fall so I’ll be praying specifically!

  23. Came here from Owlhaven…praying.

  24. Avery I am so sorry!!! We will pray for your precious son and for you and the rest of your family during this time. God bless you all!!!

  25. Lucas (and your whole family) are in my thoughts and prayers…

  26. You’re all in my prayers

  27. You are in our prayers

  28. praying with ya’ll!!!!!

  29. I’m here from Owlhaven also. Praying for you and your family. Poor Lucas. Praying for as little pain as possible for him.

  30. Praying, praying, praying!

  31. For wise doctors. For a gathering of comfort all around you. For the support of family and friends. For the easing and erasing of pain. For the healing of bodies and also of frightened, worried minds. For rest and sleep and peace. For MIRACLES. You are in my prayers.

  32. praying for all of you

  33. Oh no Avery,

    You and your family are in my prayers, but I am happy to see that things are already better than initially thought. Hang in there.

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  35. Your family, especially Lucas, is in my thoughts. Hoping for a quick and complete recovery.

  36. I am praying for Lucas and the rest of the famly. May God hold you in his arms and send healing and comfort to Lucas.

    mom of eight–including Kelsey,our family of ten blog.

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  38. Avery and Heather,

    I told the kids about Lucas on the way to school this morning and we all prayed for him together. My little boy, Jeremiah, (age 5) periodically throughout the rest of the day would mention him. He would say, “I am sad for Lucas.” or “I want to give something to Lucas.”

    Our prayers are with you.

    Christ’s Peace,

  39. (((HUGS))) Your entire family is in our prayers. I’m soo sorry you are living threw this.

    In his hands!! Love, Gala

  40. Our God is awesome and He will comfort and care for you! My prayers are with you! In His Glory, Sandra

  41. I’m here from Blaine, I’m so sorry. We are all thinking about you guys, please let us know if we can do anything.

  42. YYikes! You and your family will be in our prayers – (learned of your blog from Owlhaven)

    Kate, Abbie (5) and Reilly (2)

  43. Praying for all.

  44. Douglas Says:

    Best wishes from New Zealand. I also have a 5-year old Lucas, so my thoughts are with you.

  45. bjmmckee Says:

    Oh yes, prayers are winging upward! Prayers are answered, Praise God! Miracles do happen! I will contact all the prayer warriors that I know. I pray God’s will for each of you! Let Him hold you in His healing arms.

  46. jessmartens Says:

    Hi there…

    Just saw a link to your site on my dashboard. then through your site, checked out your wife’s site.Sorry this happened to the little man. You can let him know that there are people in New Zealand praying for him! 🙂 (though my husband and i are from forida). anyway, may the Lord bless you and the family in this time. Joshua 1:9 for Lucas.

  47. beinghonestlysincerelyme Says:

    heys, i am really sry about what has happened to Lucas. Believe in the Lord and Lucas will be fine. Nothing is too hard for the Lord. Pray and believe.

    May the Lord bless you all

  48. Desiree - South Africa Says:

    Will pray for Lucas.

  49. My heart is swollen with prayers for Lucas and you today. My family lived through the trauma of a burn a year and a half ago.

    My son (almost 6 at the time) fell into a campfire. He burned his palms, lower arms and one leg fell across the grill and burned like a hot dog.

    My husband spent the night at a pedi burn center with him but amazingly they discharged him after debriding him and showing my husband how to do this at home. We had to beg for a home nurse to come and debride his burns after our first try at home. He was in so much pain and I could hardly bear it. I still am dissatisfied at the amount of pain he was in and the feeling that there was nothing we could do about it. The Tylenol with codeine did not work! Anyway, push, push, push for good pain control. I now know that we could have gotten more pain control but the catch is that we would have had to go to the hospital each time to debride him. Seeing that whole process took about 2-3 hours each night, it would have been worth it!

    He has healed completely now. The amazing thing is that my son learned that the Lord is with us at all times, especially at the hard times! He also knows that the Lord is going to use his burns for a good purpose some day.

    One thing really helped…we asked for everyone’s prayers during the debriding times.

    I will pray so hard for you. I thought my heart was literally going to break in two sometimes, but the Lord really is our strength.

    If you have any questions at all about this, want to talk to me, or even better, if Lucas wants to talk to my son Thomas, let me know at and we’ll make plans.

    I could also share with you how we helped Thomas deal with his fears (amazingly not about fire) that sprang up months later. No one at the burn center where he was treated had any suggestions for us, so we navigated that one on our own.

    The Peace of the Lord be with you!!

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  51. I’m praying here, too. I have a little Lucas myself, and I just can’t imagine what you (and Lucas) are going through. (((((hugs)))))

  52. Dawn in OR Says:

    Heather and Avery,
    Will pray…. Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you. IPeter 5:7
    Dawn in Or
    mom to Carissa

  53. praying for your little one here too…


  54. Me again. My children would love to make some pictures for Lucas. If you would like, we could send them to him. Just email me. Thanks!

  55. Avery and Heather,

    This was Jeremiah’s (age 5) prayer for Lucas today:

    “Dear God,

    Please heal Lucas from his burns. Help him to remember that you are his God. Please put Lucas back together. In Jesus’ Name, Amen”



  56. We’re praying for your little guy. My cousins had to jump out of a burning building a few years back, and I remember the horror of the burns. I certainly hope he heals quickly.

  57. The 2 Witches Says:

    What an awful thing to happen to such a little person. May he be healed quickly and completely.

    And let me reiterate the sentiment that you will be well taken care of at Ronald McDonald House. We made use of their services when my youngest was in the NICU.

    It made an awful time bearable.


    Mama Kelly

  58. Danny Sluder - Missouri Says:

    We were just passing through and had to stop and pray. Hope you don’t mind. Father God, we lift up Lucas to you right now, we pray for his healing of the body and pray for a healing of his little mind as well as the whole family. We know we can not even comprehend your faithfullness, you’re greatness, we humbly ask you to give a peace that passes understanding to Lucas and his family. Lord, we know that you can do great things through this and that you are in control. We know in 2 Cor you reassure us that you are the great comforter. Please send mercy and grace now and may all eyes be turned to you.

    In Christ,
    the Sluders

  59. Hope he’ll get well and come out a better person after this incident 🙂

  60. How horrible!! Avery and Heather, remember that by the stripes of Christ we are healed. It is important that you and Lucas repeatedly declare this. I know that he has already been healed and all of this will subside very shortly because the God who conquered death shall surely restore your son and make him stronger.

  61. Dena Sissay Says:

    Hope he is better by now.. Will keep him in my prayers.

  62. Praying for Lucas and family.

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