Lucas, Saturday update

The kid is doing great today, we are expecting a phone charger and a cable to transfer our photos today, so I should be able to update you guys with a photo, not to mention answer the phone at some later point in time.

Last night he had a toatl meltdown when they went to do a throat culture. The nurse explained what he was doing, and he started to cry, we asked what was wrong with him and he said, and I qoute, “I’m afraid he will touch my epiglotis, and if he touches my epiglotis I will DIE!!!”

It didn’t help that the nurse, mom, and myself were on the floor rolling in laughter.

We have also discovered, via Lucas, that if he is in pain, if you blow on the line (a needle stuck in your arm for 4 days at a time to put in drugs) or as he calls it, the little blue thingie, well the blowing goes in the needle and to the hurt parts of the body.

Psychoscematic therapy at it’s best, but we aren’t going to fight it.

Yes, Lucas has become somewhat of a rockstar here in the burn ward, the stream of bikers that have come in in full biker gear, the comments the kid makes, the fact that he is in a fight with his mom to bring his blue hair die in so he can die his hair in the hospital, the fact that he is just generally so happy, yeah, the nurses fight over who gets this room, they all want to play with this guy.

Yeah, if you have a non chemical, safe, blue hair gel/die send it in, Heather is just worried about the die in the gel he has at home being bad when they wash his hair  when it’s washed and the fluid goes over his burns.

 He has been working on his stand up routine, I think it’s the captive audience.

The penicilin has worked wonders on the infection, his swelling is non existant today, and was terrible yesterday. The infection is no longer visable, it was spreading yesterday. Even his shoulder looks better today than it did yesterday. Most of the burned flesh is gone, and you can see where the new flesh is started to grow good, you can also see where it’s not, and where the surgury is needed.

The doctor was ver impressed with the burns today, he was surprised to see how much they improved with only one day of penicilin for the infection.

 God has been really good in this, as bad as it is we can definately see His hand in so much,

The other day a bunch of my Bikers for Christ brothers were in to pray with Lucas, they stopped in the hall way and prayed with the family next door, this was the last interaction this family had outside of the family before she passed.

Lucas has befriended some of the other burn victim kids, they are kind of copestetic together, they push each other to do better.

Then there is the people I have met in the McDonald House, it’s a great place to stay, but there is a lot of stress there, people die, the phone calss come in, they collapse where there are, you then try to comfort as best as you can.

Even the burn itself, it’s terrible, it’s a bad burn, but his head was covered in the oil, but it wasn’t burned at all. God’s grace. We are so thankful, that with how bad it was his head was spared, protected, from how bad it very well should have been.


10 Responses to “Lucas, Saturday update”

  1. Beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than getting a glimpse of the grace of God in the middle of the wilderness. My kids have been busy making cards for Lucas today. We will get them in the mail soon.

    Thank God for the answered prayers! We will keep praying.

    Christ’s Peace,


  2. I am keeping everyone updated from our class and expect cards to come in. Could I please have an address to send to a box to your other children as well. Also, I spoke to Heather on the phone today, but will call again tonight to see if I can reach you as well. Our prayers continue for you!

  3. Hi – I have been thinking of Lucas and your family often, and I’m amazed by his incredible spirit and humour. As for the non-toxic blue hair dye… you can dye kids’ hair with Koolaid. NOT the stuff with the sugar already added, but the little unsweetened packets. (I’m pretty sure there is a blue one… berry blue or something.) MIx 2 packets into about 2 tablespoons of conditioner and apply to wet hair. Put on a shower cap or wrap with saran wrap and leave it as long as possible before rinsing out. This is probably as non-toxic as you can get. And it doesn’t last long so he could even change the colour every week… 🙂

    All the best,

  4. We’ve been praying for you guys and especially Lucas. We’ll be sending some cheer to Lucas soon… 🙂

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can do anything for your family.

  5. mesawyer Says:

    You are never too small to start building a history with God.
    God talks to children and they talk back! {my own dialog with God began when I was 3 yrs old! }
    The God stories that children tell are always so colorful!
    Ah! Lucas May you speak of God’s wonders through the lens of your colorful imagination . . . I’ll bet Ezekiel was like you when he was a Kid! 🙂 May God nourish you with you the bread of heaven and may healing be your portion! May your winsome ways leave a residue of hope and healing to all you encounter! My love & prayers are with you!

  6. james tyre Says:

    God is the greatest physican and is a true supernatural healer. I pray that this young man is touched by Him. To God be the glory.

  7. I found your site via OwlHaven. We live in Durham, and the caretaker at the RM House, John Ellison, is one of our deacons. There is no better man for the job there. If you find yourself needing someone to pray with or talk to, seek him out. God’s peace and healing hand be on your Lucas. Peace of Christ to you.

  8. Good to hear Lucas and the rest of the family are getting better.

    Will still be parying for Lucas and the family.

    Stay blessed….It is well with you all!

  9. April Williams Says:

    Hey Avery. So sorry to hear about Lucas getting hurt. Our thoughts are with all of you. As for the hair coloring, the two best choices are packets of Kool-Aid and regular old food coloring mixed with water as a paste or conditioner. Hope all is well. Eat up the attention Lucas, and remember to be happy when you’re all better and mom and dad start yelling at you again when you’re bad……. lol.

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