Lucas is doing a lot better today. The doc’s called off the surgury for today, as two of the spots he said would require a graft have healed to the point they will heal on their own. The worst of the areas is at a point that it could go either way, but is leaning towards healing on it’s own. We should know in a few days what the prognosis is on that front.


His pain is lower, he is no longer on an IV, now he is only on oral pain killers. He is still a dope head most of the day but he is doing well. He is also sleeping a LOT during the day, which is a good thing as far as his healing goes.

Yesterday was Yosef’s birthday, we both went home for that as my aunt said she would sit with Lucas while we were gone. Unfortunately she called in the middle of the party to say she had changed her mind, thus Lucas was left alone for too long. He was/is very angry at his aunt, as I am, but he was fine and the nurses really stepped up to the plate and spent a lot of time with him making sure he was comfortable. As far as the party goes it was really nice, I was just suddenly very distracted and didn’t want to be there as my son in the hospital was all alone. Yosef really likes the bike I bought him for his birthday, and he had a blast at his party. Thanks to all the ladies that put it together for us.

He is being really good, and we are really without need here at the hospital thanks to a wonderful gift basket from the church (I love the bottled white tea) and hopefully we will be out of here soon. 

When we get home we will discover what our needs are, but we do know sun has just become one of our enemies. And this kid burns EASY. And of course we have a very outdoor oriented lifestyle, so I know we will need a pop up canopy. Specifically we need the pop up, as we need to be able to put it up and take it down in a jiff, and if I have to spend 30 minutes putting it together it will never be used.

But as we have a family membership to the pool, and he won’t be able to swim for a long time, but he will need to go with the other kids, we need to create shade for him in a shadeless area. The beach is the same way, and we go to the beach a lot (we are only 2 hours away) I found the canopy below that I love (especially for at the beach, it will be really easy to spot for the swimmers. But if someone has one they can donate it would save me the $150 (shipping) of buying a new one. I’ve put these up by myself before, it’s ricky but doable, but 2 people can have it up and secured in less than two minutes.

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  1. As far as swimming goes… have you ever had the kids wear something like this…

    We have some fair-skinned kids here, and we spend a fair amount of time at the beach. What size is Lucas? I don’t have any long sleeved, but if the short sleeved versions would help, i know I have a few my older boy has outgrown.

    Glad he is doing better, we are still praying here.

  2. Okay, now I am feeling dumb, as I am realizing he won’t be able to swim at all… I was just thinking about the sun, not the healing time.

  3. I was thinking about the sun and summer coming very soon and how that was going to stink for Lucas just the other day. I also thought about one of those bathing suit shirt thingies…but I too was just thinking about the sun. Duh! I was also thinking about getting one for Xander (my fairest child) to protect him from skin damage. Glad to hear that Lucas is doing better. He has been in our prayers. Love you guys!

  4. Hi Avery,

    If no one has a canopy to offer, you may want to check your local freecycle or Craigslist. You may score a free one locally, or someone may be selling one cheaply.

    Thanks for the frequent updates–your little one is much on my mind.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Avery,

    I’m guessing that you feel the way about Walmart that I do – YUK! However, they had a canopy on sale in their flyer this week for ~97 dollars. It had optional sides (didn’t list a price). Also, if you find one from them online, you can have it shipped to a store near you for free. Good luck finding the right canopy!


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