Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday, 31 today. I guess I am really old now. Ugggg.

Lucas is having a really hard time sleeping, a really hard time, he can only sleep for a few hours at a time and then he is in so much pain he can’t sleep any more, and with his current meds he can only have meds every 4 hours. So please pray for him during the night, he really needs to get a good night sleep, as does Heather.

I’m hoping that one of my technophile readers can give me a really cool birthday present.

This was a recording of a recent ministry time. The video was shot via a DVD recorder, the audio was captured using a mic line going directly into the soundboard. The crazy distortion is the low tones on the djembe. When I wasn’t playing the recording is fine, but when I play it sounds like a half tuned in AM radio station. The house mix was awesome (Heather’s vocals were a little loud, as the dude on the soundboard turned her up in the beginning when she was praying, then left for the rest of the set) but the bass tones were shaking the trees in front of the Mackie’s (when I wanted them to, obviously I don’t play that way through the entire set) but the recording sucks. If the audio lines up (which sometimes YouTube doesn’t) you will see that when I play the bass tones is when the distortion happens.

OK, technophiles, how do I get a good mix so I can record one of our sets?

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me”

  1. Wow! That’s the first time I’ve ever heard Heather sing. Great job guys! That sound board sure needed some help.

  2. happy birthday! i’ll be joining the 30-something ranks in jan. 🙂

  3. Please don’t call that old . . .
    I’m not a longtime reader, but I’ve been catching up, and you have one tough kid. Praying for good sleep and comfort for him as he continues to heal.

  4. I liked hearing her sing even with the “noise” – not sure how to fix it…still very cool

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