We Are Headed Home

Today we get to leave the hospital.

He still has a long road ahead of him, we have to come back for a clinic next week, and to be checked out. but we get to go home and let the kid be “normal” again.

 It’s going to be really hard to adjust everyone to the new Lucas “lifestyle” as he heals, He is a boy, and acts liks a boy, and wants to be rough and tough like a boy, but he can’t. Not for a while anyways.

The docs say the trampoline will be good for him, so he gets to keep that hobby, but the soccer and contact sports have to go.

Right now our biggest obstacle is to figure out what we can do for pants for the little guy, the hospital gowns works well (they aren’t too tight on his burns on his butt) but obviously we want to move him to pants that look “normal” we just have to figure out what will work.

Thanks for all your prayers, support and cards, we still need them, but at least now we get to do the rest of the recovery at home, in an enviroment the kid likes, with food the kid will eat.

WE ARE GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14 Responses to “We Are Headed Home”

  1. Praise God!!!

    As far as pants go, what about Ethiopian clothes? I assume you have some around your house. 8^) The light, loose fabric would probably be fairly comfortable. Also, lightweight pj pants might work. I know these things aren’t exactly normal, but certainly closer than a hospital gown while he continues to heal. HTH

  2. Avery,

    I am so thankful and can’t wait to share this wonderful, wonderful news with my children.



  3. You may want to look into the traditional karate pants the kind that roll over at the waist instead of with a drawstring? They usually come in black or white are cotton and you can get them in lightweight (they come in different weights) and the waistband is completley adjustable so he could wear them “little old man style” way up on his chest even or looser and lower than traditional pants but the legs would still look “normal”.
    Hope that makes sense?
    We have been praying without ceasing and Mira has a new joke for Lucas today (ask Heather :-))…
    “What is the pirates favorite letter?”
    God bless,

  4. What about scrubs for the pants solution?

    Apearently I haven’t clicked through the feed reader recently, when did you change themes?

  5. First of all…. YAY Lucas!!! So glad you are going home!

    And as for pants… would overalls work? Some loose ones would stay ‘off’ his body. Or maybe he can play Harry Potter for a while and wear a long black gown? 🙂

  6. Amen! Going home will be great! Please send me your address, though. I still have at least one package for you. And I would have thought scrub type pants would be good, but the overall idea is pretty good, too. Hey, it’s almost summer and you are in NC, let him run around in boxers

  7. Avery,
    I have an idea for a “pant” for Lucus. I would love to give you the info and order it for him – I would just need to know size/color. Please email me and I will give you the info.

    🙂 Love in Him, Gala in WI

  8. Avery,
    I sent a response to your email – came back wthe autoreply message. Are you able to access that from home? Let me know and I’ll send you the link/email and we can go from there. Gala

  9. We are so thankful that Lucas is going home! You guys are so strong and faithful… it is always easy when things are going well but you and Heather have shown your strength through some amazingly difficult times. You bless God daily with how you live your life and He has blessed you richly! Amen.

    BTW — can you e-mail me off-list with your address.

  10. james tyre Says:

    Glory to God for the healing!!!!! am so pleased that Lucas is doing better. this young man is a true testimonal to God. will be wonderful to give this praise report to church– have been praying for him. as for pants no better ideas than ones already given.

  11. So happy for you guys- I look forward to hearing how he is doing.

  12. Hi Avery – you don’t know me, I found your blog some time ago when I googled ‘Ethiopia adoption story.’ I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog, and I will keep your family in my prayers. I am very encouraged to hear that your son is doing better and that he is going home – I bet he is excited. Thanks for the great stories – I look forward to reading more.


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