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?!?!?!?!? UPDATE ?!?!?!?!?!?

Posted in blog on September 9, 2007 by Avery

Am I back?

I don’t know.

I am still trying to decide.  Either way there will be some changes, as you’ve noticed I’m sure.

Where have I been, well Lucas getting burned knocked me off the schedule, for months really. Living in the hospital for a few weeks, then the intensive care needed at home, well  this took a big back seat. Your love and outreach was tremendous though, I can’t thank you all enough!!!!!!

He is doing great, he has major scarring, but in reality he is a miracle walking. It could have been so, so much worse.

Also I have started playing percussion a lot more than I used to. right when he was burned I had decided to join the church worship team (which is now 2 services, ugg) on a 2 week rotation, well the other guy quit, so now I’m every week.  Well, for now, I will be going back to taking time off on a regular basis, as this 7:30am to 1pm every Sunday isn’t going to work out too well in the long haul.

Then there was the last minute concert I attempted when Ben from 100 Portraits (Enter the Worship Circle) calle me to say he was passing through my town and it would be a good stop point for a concert. I t was a house concert venue, and although it didn’t go how I thought it would, it was a really good growth point.  More on this all later.

Elswhere, I am now an Uncle, my sister Grace had her baby,  here is a photo of her little family:

on the downside to that one, our van took a nose dive last week. When you get to work to find a message from your wife saying the van was smoking when she got to work, well you step up the game plan and kick into high gear on the shopping. Mind you I had been shopping for a van, as we knew the current ride wasn’t worth us paying for an oil change (no that’s not the problem), much less what it would take to fix it now. So I found an awesome deal at a freinds lot, not because he was my freind, but just because he had a great deal on this one, so now we have a 2003 Honda Odessey, burgendy (woo hoo) I love the van, and no longer fear for my family’s life on family trips.  Our kids only complaint was the “I Love Ethiopia” sticker I got from the airport in Addis is gone!

And we found a recipiant for the old van as well. A friend of ours just came back from a few months up river, and was in need of a temporary fix for his transportaion needs, so freely received, freely given, and the smurf killer moves on (to an owner even more descriptive of it’s nominclature)

Obviously I have been gone a while, so as you discover this post let me know what you think. Is it worthwile to keep moving this blog forward into new areas, or is it time to shut it down and move on?  Dont expect anything on a regular basis, once a week will be a miracle right now, but I will be corresponding through the comments section I’m sure

As I do pop up in googles top 10 for adoption videos!!!!! cool