My Awesome Wife

Easter Sunday

About once a year, maybe twice, my family dresses in something other than jeans and t-shirts for church. I hate it, but the kids like it, so Easter is normally the day we do this. We do make a cute family, even if Yosef won’t smile if a camera is in his face.  Of course my wife is awesome for being able to pull this off, I mean getting me to wear shoes to church is a miracle.

Heather Before

 But Heather is more awesome than that! You see here here, looking quite normal, but what you don’t know is that one of her best freinds is dealing with stage 4 ovarian cancer.  The Kemo has made her lose her hair, and has beat her up pretty bad. Now our daughter donates her hair  to Locks of Love about every 2 years, I always hate to see it go, but Kaitlyn loves doing it, and it’s been her idea all along. Heck I even tried to talk her out of it the first time. 

Well my awesome wife wanted to be there for her freind, so in a total act of compassion, she decided to donate her hair to locks of love as well. But not the normal 11 inch donation, no. Heather is more awesome than that.

Locks of Love after

No she donated all 27 inches of it!

Now tell me i don’t have a beautiful wife!


19 Responses to “My Awesome Wife”

  1. Now THAT is a great friend.
    And, I meant “stalking you” in a “I’m really a nice person is real life and this is just anonymous over the internets way” not a “totally-psycho-over-the-internets” way. 😉

  2. Tears…

    What a beautiful show of empathy.. rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn…

    She is beautiful inside and out.

    Thank you for posting pics of your incredibly beautiful family.

    Oh. and I love your decor! AWESOME!

  3. Heather is beautiful with or without hair! What a wonderful act of friendship. You guys are truly, one of a kind, amazing people…all 6 of ya!

  4. Avery,

    Heather is awesome – I’ve know this since I started following her blog (and yours too). Her compassion is something I’ve know about and always admired. The part that surprised me was that she could be so gorgeous without hair! Give her my best!


  5. What is beautiful is that you have a wife and family that are true walking and living examples of Christ’s loving and giving heart. What is also beautiful is that you, as a man, recognize that and praise it. Unfortunately there are too many men that take such love for granted, or fail to notice it altogether.

    So kudos for you wearing your shoes to church 1-2 times a year and for honoring your wife and family here today.

  6. Wow… Heather is gorgeous even with the buzz cut. Good for her! She’s a good friend indeed.

  7. Wow! She looks beautiful with and without hair. If I could pull that look off, I would, but I assure you I would not look half as good as Heather. I have missed reading updates on her blog and I am so happy to hear how everyone is doing. Hope Lucas is better know. I will be praying for Heather’s friend.

  8. You freakin’ rock, Heather!!!! Still gorgeous, too!

  9. Beautiful! 🙂

  10. I was just having a heck of a time making injera and googled another receipe for mine is not working ~ and looked at your blog entry about donating your hair. You are such a beautiful woman inside and out, with or without your hair. You willingness to throw away all vanity and help your friend really made me cry. You are indeed a beautiful woman! God bless!

  11. Wow, what an amazing women!

  12. That is an amazing thing that your wife did. She truely is beautiful – in and out.

  13. Yes, you do have a beautiful wife! And it sounds like she radiates it from the inside out:)

  14. Simpy beautiful! Those eyes really take center.

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  16. prashanthi reddy Says:

    She is an angel! God bless you all!

  17. Yes, you do. I thought she was beautiful while she was sharing how to make injera…all that time, then I saw her sing Praise to God, now without 27 inches of her hair I can see her true beauty. It is a beauty that makes we weep, because it is just a small part of the beauty that Jesus sees when He looks at her. Thank you for sharing it with me.

    We just arrived home from Ethiopia last Friday…after watching your adoption video, I want to begin stepping out with our next adoption, God willing. We love Ethiopia.

    Bless you as you serve Him. Your family has greatly blessed me today, and I am sure so many others.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  18. What a friend you are and you still look very beautiful. Bravo!

  19. Mary Jane Says:

    Beautiful wife with a beautiful heart! I plan on donating this summer 🙂

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