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quickest way to update everyone

Posted in family on December 27, 2008 by Avery

So most have you have probably heard by now (assuming that the majority of those that still read this are family) but Lucas made another trip to the emergency room yesterday.

The backstory is that Lucas loves to cook, it’s one of the central passions of his little heart. So he had an old pasta maker, the manual kind, but the little guy doesn’t have the arm strenght needed to use it. So for Christams we got him a really nice electric pasta maker, he was enjoying it a lot, we made pineapple pasta the first night, then we made a bach of carrot pasta, and we were working on another batch when the boy in his head decided he wanted to see if he could stop the gears on the machine by jammin his finger in it.

That is his explanation of what he did. I’m not making this up, That is verbatum what he told me he was doing.

Well the gear he jammed his finger into doubles as a meat grinder, it sucked his finger in down to the bottom joint before we could react and stop it. Luckily it pushed the finger to the side and jammed it between the grinder and the housing of the machine, by pouring oil on the gear and pushing as hard as we could we created enough space he could slide his finger out. Mind you the entire time he was screaming eake me to the emergency room.

Well we took a look at it and the tip of his finger, the nail part, was hanging off to the side.

So we had to decide what to do, and we decided to have Heather run him to the Hospital and I would call to get him in line and hopefully get him in as soon as they got there, plus I had to find someone to come take care of the kids still at home.  Christmas weekend isn’t the easiest time to find a babysitter at the last minute.

Our pastor’s wife came over and helped us out and I took off to the hospital.

I got there about 30 minutes after Heather and found them still sitting in the triage unit.  well the triage nurse actually put a bandaide on this, yes you read that right, and then sent us to see the insurance agent. We waited in that line and were told to go out to the waiting room to wait to be called back . Luckily the insurance agent saw he was dripping blood from the wound and we wrapped it in gauze after removing he bandaid.

Well we sat in the waiting room for 7 1/2 hours waiting to be seen.

When we got back into the ER the docotrs and nurses were all extrememly upset that the triage didn’t prioritize this kid and bump him in front of the sniffles and sneezes and little crap while this kid was suffering out in the waiting room

They grabbed some x-rays and examined him and determined that he had broken the tip of his finger, and that from what we described he had a fingernail avulsion that would take a simple procedure to put it back into the hole and all should be fine.

Well they went to do the surgery on his fingernal and discovered the fingernail had miraculously put itself back into it’s hole and reattached itself to the finger. None of the doctors could explain this as it’s just not possible. It can’t Happen. Yeah GOD!

So we got to come home this morning at 5 am. And we are trying to survive through the day today.

So the end result is now our most hyper kid had his hand in a splint and is in pain. Now he will lose his fingernail, and he will have to deal with a broken finger for a while but it could have so much worse and we are so happy he still has his finger.