taking a poll

recently we underwent some chaos around the house, no electricity for a few weeks.

Of course it had to happen when the temp outside was dropping into the teens, and inside our house hit a low of 32. Well in all the chaos we lost a few appliances as well, when the power surged through the house and made us think we were in California for a while (our entire living room was turn off, it was the middle of the night, and the lights started to come on in a strobe pattern and the room started to shake)

Well one of the items to bite the dust was the TV. There were some others too, but that is the big ticket item.

So Yeah Insurance!!!!!! we got the letter yesterday, and home owners is covering it!!!!

So I’ve limited my choices down to 2.

What say you? those that have my blog on RSS feed as I havn’t updated in forever.

I will post some this week… I hope
Samsung (it states 20000:1 contrast ratio, is this true?)

Vizio (brags about 5000:1 ratio, but being so much lower than Samsung what is the deal?)


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