In the Hospital again

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Ok, i know it’s been a while, many reasons for that, but I’m coming out of my semit retirement to have a central place to post updates on the newest saga of Lucas’ burn.

So we have had an issue in the past with a staff infection from his burn. Oral meds worked to clear it up, but it came back. Our local doc didn’t want to do anything to hurt the burn so he told us to come back down o UNC to have them look at it.

So for the next 5 days we get to sit in UNCH in isolation as he has to be quaranteened.

Of course this would be the final week of school for the kids, so Heather can’t miss school. And of course she was planning on visiting some friends up in the frozen tundra of the hellish north east next week, so the schedule in that is up in the air… of course air fair doesn’t refund squat.

His meds are doing great, and he is perfecly happy to have his own tv that he can control and watch what he wants to watch, but we’ll see if he is still that happy at the end of the week.



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Let’s start by saying if you want a family update, Heather did an awesome job on her blog, so head over there

So what brings me out here today? Well I just had a really fun day, and now at 10:30 at night I am sitting here watching the UFC fights (I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the UFC) and thought the 10 people that still read my blog (a little down from the 400 a day I was getting in my heyday) would love to hear about it.

The reality is today started last night, when I dropped Yosef off at soccer practice then headed over to the church as Heather, myself and the church worship leader were playing in a trio setup (Heather on 12 strings and singing, me on the djembe, and our bud on her Taylor) the set went pretty well and the night was really good, but it went pretty late, and pushed us WAY off our schedules.

So today’s plan was I would take the kids to soccer, Kaitlyn would stay home and help Heather clean the house, then they would come get Mihret before Yosef’s 2nd game (yeah, he had 2 today) And the morning started normal enough. Lucas and Yosef both played at 9am, and both won their games, of course watching 2 games at the same time on fields 4 soccer fields apart is fun (HA) Yosef even managed to win even though it was fairly obvious wich coach the kid ref was afraid of (and all I will say on that is it wasn’t Yosef’s) It was a rough game, with some rough kids (no red cards in his league, so the kids that throw punches and grab jerseys to throw kids across the field get to keep playing, and once again let me say it wasn’t Yosef’s team) Ysef really has shown himself to be a real star on the field, a few es pro players have commented how they wish they had his skills when they were twice his age, so we are really trying to grow that and develop it. Now I could comment on Lucas’s game, but let me just ask, have you ever watched a bunch of 5 year olds play soccer? The fact that he remembers what direction he is supposed to be going, and knows how to pass the ball makes him a star on his games.

Well then at 10:30 Mihret played her game, we are unsure as to wether she won or lost, the coaches didn’t even know, one said they won, the other said they lost. Mind you I watched the entire game, as did the boys, but no one kept track of the score (the ref did, but he wasn’t around when we realized we didn’t know who won) Mihret has really shone her skills as the team goalie (they aren’t allowed to use their hands at all in her age, so she can compensate for her little legs when she doesnt have to run the field) Well as the game came to an end, Heather called to say she was running behind, so she wasn’t going to come get Mihret, which the kids were cool with, as I promised them lunch after Yosef’s 2nd game.

On a side noter here, we have some friends that turned me on to Jones soda. It’s pure cane sugar soda, and most of it’s really good stuff, I love it, but they have 1/2 cans in Halloween flavors, and I took some “candy corn” soda for the kids, and the stuff is absolutely nasty!!!!! I fully endorse the soda company and love it, but run away from these cans!!!!!

Diego Sanchez just won his fight, now I am depressed, oh well back to the day

So after Mihret’s game we had a little time to kill before Yosef played again, but he was dead tired and as he is the center forward, and striker, and plays defense, yeah, like Heather and I said, the challenge teams are trying to get him to try out for the challenge teams.  Well knowing he was going to be run down from having played already today, I bought a Red Bull at the gas station when I swung in for a coffee and a bag of ice (I had the team snacks today for the game) Well he chugged it, he actually liked it, and he definately “got wings” We don’t let the kids have caffeine most of the time, but the other mothers on the team all jumped on board and apparently Red Bull will be the new pregame tradition for the little guys! Too funny.

So after the games I took the kids to the local Harley shop (they do free lunches on Saturdays) not to mention I’m buds with half the people that work there, and todya they had killer chili. The kids loved it, and they love looking at the bikes, not to mention they love the free donuts. And I love looking at the bobbers that I can’t afford. LOL

So we come home and Heather runs to get the week’s groceries. Well we wind up watching the Motocross US Open (the kids loved it) while flipping over to the BMX freestyle Mountain Dew something or another, where the kids saw what their bikes are “supposed” to do when we take them to the skate park. Very funny, I was glad when they saw the wipe out where the guy knocked himself out (he was fine, they interviewed him later when he came to) and then they had a very moving interview with a guy that had a terrible accident, and is now a qaudropalegic, the kids all of a sudden are happy they wear helmets.

As the games came to their end, I discovered a true Hollywood travesty, a proof of the demonic conection to the stars. “The Neverending Story 3” where Jack Black is the evil that must be defeated. It was truly an evil destruction to a movie that held a fond memory in my childhood heart. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD.

So I was glad when the phone rang and it was one of my biker buddies calling to see if I could help him out. Apparently he had met the guys in Sonic Flood a few days ago, and hit it off with them. Well Grant threw out his back, and needed to find a massage therapist, as he could barely walk, but it was Saturday and no one around here has weekend hours. Well he wanted to know if I knew anybody, and I know a few of the therapist inthe area, so I said I would see if I could find soemone that would come in for him on the weekend. Heather came home as I was in the middle of these calls, getting nothing but dead ends. His concert was at 6, so a little after 5 I called him to tell him the bad news that I couldn’t find anyone who was available, my friends were out of town, and their contacts weren’t willing.  Right when I hung up with him, and he was going out to do their sound check, I got a call from my bud’s friend and she was willing, and excited to give a hand to the guys. Well I called to leave him a message, but of course I got his voicemail. So as Heather was going out to a revival meeting with some friends, I piled all the kids in the car and and we headed over to watch the Sonic Flood concert (as obviously there was no time left before, but I knew he would want it before he headed home to Nashville tonight) So I get there, with 4 kids, and have to explain to at least no more than 6 different people why I am trying to get past security to get to the band.  Hey, they have my kudos there, they actually stopped me and questioned me down as to who I was and why I was where I wasn’t supposed to be. Well Grant was stoked, and even more stoked when he found out all he had to bring was some merch, as she was a huge fan. Now this was a friend of a friend, and the band only had a tour bus, not very mobile, not to mention they don’t know a thing about the area. So he was massively stoked, and I would carry him over after their set, Josh McDowell was speaking, so there was a little over an hour and a half that he could be gone.

tangent time, SNL just made me laugh, it’s a bit on the adult side of humor, so click the link only if you are away of what SNL humor is like but if you don’t know about the “Iran speech” you may be lost.

Well not only was he able to walk after his session, the massage therapist and her husband brought their mobile chair over to the concert and set up back stage and she did a session with the entire band. They were IN LOVE!!!!!! Yeah, future contract might have a new stipulation n them.  It was cool to hang out with the band for the night, the kids loved the concerts (they played again after Josh was done) and they were cool, gave the kids some wristbands, and some bouncy balls that light up when you bounce them (Kaitlyn had actually asked for a ball in the lobby, but I had no cash, and she said they were $10) Well God loves my kids, and simple things like flashy bouncy balls go a long way to the health of a heart.  They have no idea what kind of life they live right now, having a family that this is more of the norm than not, but when they get older, and find out this isn’t normal, well they have plenty of stories that’s for sure.

 Yosef really likes concerts, I caught him trying to get on the stage again (it’s happened before) and he got right into the middle of a Church Youth Group mosh pit (those who love rock, and my fellow punks) will understand exactly how this differs from a “real” mosh pit. and he was very into watching the performance aspect of the show, with some very interesting observations (his favorite from the band, Superman) He knows who he is, and yes, Yosef is calling him Superman.

Well Lucas fell asleep in the second set, it was pushing 10pm, and they normally are in bed around 7:30 to 8. But they all had a blast, even if they don’t know how odd tonight was, come on, it was weird.

Cool part of the night, was the couple that own the massage therapy place have a long history with SonicFlood, as they were very influenced by them and ministered to by their albums in the past. It was very cool for her to get to meet the guys that had such a huge impact on their lives.

But come on, a biker buddy of mine runs into a band at a bookstore, hits it off with one of them, and gives him his Bikers for Christ card, then a day later calls him to see if he knows of anyone in this area (roughly 2 hours away) that could help. He knows me, get’s ahold of me, who finds a friend who has a friend that is a massage therapist, who happens to very randomely get the message, on a whim she swang by the office, and I was available to taxi him around tonight. Yeah, made for an after school special.

It was a fun day.  

Well, this has been broken up by a million differnt things, so I may get to it tomorrow and see it makes no sense, but as it’s 12:30 am I am going to bed.

?!?!?!?!? UPDATE ?!?!?!?!?!?

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Am I back?

I don’t know.

I am still trying to decide.  Either way there will be some changes, as you’ve noticed I’m sure.

Where have I been, well Lucas getting burned knocked me off the schedule, for months really. Living in the hospital for a few weeks, then the intensive care needed at home, well  this took a big back seat. Your love and outreach was tremendous though, I can’t thank you all enough!!!!!!

He is doing great, he has major scarring, but in reality he is a miracle walking. It could have been so, so much worse.

Also I have started playing percussion a lot more than I used to. right when he was burned I had decided to join the church worship team (which is now 2 services, ugg) on a 2 week rotation, well the other guy quit, so now I’m every week.  Well, for now, I will be going back to taking time off on a regular basis, as this 7:30am to 1pm every Sunday isn’t going to work out too well in the long haul.

Then there was the last minute concert I attempted when Ben from 100 Portraits (Enter the Worship Circle) calle me to say he was passing through my town and it would be a good stop point for a concert. I t was a house concert venue, and although it didn’t go how I thought it would, it was a really good growth point.  More on this all later.

Elswhere, I am now an Uncle, my sister Grace had her baby,  here is a photo of her little family:

on the downside to that one, our van took a nose dive last week. When you get to work to find a message from your wife saying the van was smoking when she got to work, well you step up the game plan and kick into high gear on the shopping. Mind you I had been shopping for a van, as we knew the current ride wasn’t worth us paying for an oil change (no that’s not the problem), much less what it would take to fix it now. So I found an awesome deal at a freinds lot, not because he was my freind, but just because he had a great deal on this one, so now we have a 2003 Honda Odessey, burgendy (woo hoo) I love the van, and no longer fear for my family’s life on family trips.  Our kids only complaint was the “I Love Ethiopia” sticker I got from the airport in Addis is gone!

And we found a recipiant for the old van as well. A friend of ours just came back from a few months up river, and was in need of a temporary fix for his transportaion needs, so freely received, freely given, and the smurf killer moves on (to an owner even more descriptive of it’s nominclature)

Obviously I have been gone a while, so as you discover this post let me know what you think. Is it worthwile to keep moving this blog forward into new areas, or is it time to shut it down and move on?  Dont expect anything on a regular basis, once a week will be a miracle right now, but I will be corresponding through the comments section I’m sure

As I do pop up in googles top 10 for adoption videos!!!!! cool

We are hosting a 100 Portraits concert

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100 Portraits (Enter the Worship Circle) will be performing Saturday, August 4th in Wilson, NC.

This is a part of their house concert 2007 tour.

Tickets are being sold at $15 per person, as this is their only Eastern NC concert they will sell out. Don’t be in the 100’s who wish they were there, get yours before they are gone.

Contact me for more information if you are interested in coming.

tell me what you think

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remember the “caption me” contest I used to have?

 I wish I had this photo then.

will you help me

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edited- the contest is over, they awarded the laptop to a guy that broke just about every rule they had in their own rules, but what can you do?

 the laptop would have been nice, but I am getting a t-shirt out of the deal, yeah me!

We Are Headed Home

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Today we get to leave the hospital.

He still has a long road ahead of him, we have to come back for a clinic next week, and to be checked out. but we get to go home and let the kid be “normal” again.

 It’s going to be really hard to adjust everyone to the new Lucas “lifestyle” as he heals, He is a boy, and acts liks a boy, and wants to be rough and tough like a boy, but he can’t. Not for a while anyways.

The docs say the trampoline will be good for him, so he gets to keep that hobby, but the soccer and contact sports have to go.

Right now our biggest obstacle is to figure out what we can do for pants for the little guy, the hospital gowns works well (they aren’t too tight on his burns on his butt) but obviously we want to move him to pants that look “normal” we just have to figure out what will work.

Thanks for all your prayers, support and cards, we still need them, but at least now we get to do the rest of the recovery at home, in an enviroment the kid likes, with food the kid will eat.

WE ARE GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!