the Ethiopian and Norwegian connection, and I found it at Target!

If you follow my blog, you see that I push you over to my wife’s quite a bit and as you know if you have read her blog she has been fervently researching Injera and the proper techniques to make it here in the states for a long, long, long time now.

Well we made a local Ethiopian friend who came over to eat our attempts at Ethiopian food and we passed the “test” but we learned there is a cooking utemsil called a “mitad” that is required to cook injera. According to the Ethiopians there are only 2 places to buy this wonder grill, Seatle and DC. Now we started to look for the ellusive mitad and could only find one web site that sold it and it was $190. Really steep for what we wanted, especially as the one in DC is only $90.

Well a freind of our found a site that sold it on line, for about $90 but we had no idea what we would be buying, as it was sold in a box, and the pixture was of the box it came it.

So I started to do some digging on the site, and found the company that made the Mitad, then went to that company’s site, but they didn’t have anything out there about a mitad at all. So I looked up the product code and it matched an electric grill they make, specifically a Lefse Grill.

So now I dig into the world of Lefse, a potatoe based crepe from Norway, that happens to be made on the same cooking device as Injera is…. WOW!!!!!

Now the big kicker is that you can find this bad boy at TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read that right, just drive right down the road and walk into Target and buy an electric Lefse Grill and you have half the battle done with your Injera. Now the big kicker and all the oil lovers will hate me on this one, if you ever use any form of oil on this grill it will never correctly make your Injera ever again. You have to use rape seeds and a clean cloth to “oil” the surface when you cook the injera, but if you really want to make the injera, then this is for injera, and injera ONLY. Cooking other products on this surface ruin it for what you want it for, but just like a wok, you never need to wash it either. Just run water and clean it with a clean cloth allowing the residue of the rape seeds to remain and create “character” on the teflon surface. If you use oil then you have altered the surface of the pan forever! Period, there will always be a residue on the surface and it will not perform correctly for you. Hey, this isn’t my stuff, I’m just playing the parrot and repeating what I read. You could go with the non teflon as well, but the Ethiopians prefer the teflon as it’s a bit more like the ceramic mitad back home. Of course you could buy the $190 mitad, as it is ceramic.

Now you also have to have a lid for your mitad, so swing by the pots and pans and pick up a 16″ pan cover as well, and you will need a decent blender as well. But you know, some secrets are best left up to the women to divulge, so I will keep you injera scientist on the edge of your seats and make you wait for Heather blog entry about how the blender plays into the Injera……

When we told our Ethiopian friends that Target sold a Mitad they couldn’t believe me, in fact I’m not sure they do now, but I looked at the bottom of theirs and sure enough it is the exact same thing that Target sells. In fact as far as I can tell Bethany house is the ONLY manufactor of this product at all!  You can buy one all over the place and you will find 3 names for it, Aluminium, Silverstone, and Heritage Lefse Grill. The aluminium is just that, no teflon coating on it, and apperently the best one for Lefse. The Heritage and the Silverstone are actually the same thing, the true Bethany House name for it is the Silverstone Heritage Lefse Grill.

Now all this and no, we don’t have one yet, but Christmas is around the corner….

Personally I was just blown away as this is the exact same grill sold as a mitad in the Ethiopian stores in DC and Seatle, but it has a different name elsewhere. Not that I think that there is truly more Norweigan influence on the online market place than Ethiopian, but I guess the guy who marketed it first was hungry for some lefse not injera. Who would have thought that the Norwegian and the Ethiopians would have developed a cooking style with any similarities at all?

And who would have thought that it would be the crazy hippie ferenj that discovered that Target sold a Mitad?

27 Responses to “the Ethiopian and Norwegian connection, and I found it at Target!”

  1. That is awesome! Haha. And good to know, I hope to attempt to make Ethiopian food at some point in the near future!

  2. That is so cool! Now, you know our little group of friends needs to have some Ethiopian food in the near future!!! That way you can break it in when you get it!

  3. What would we do without you?

  4. I should’ve grabbed a mitad when I was living in DC! I spent years living in DC, most recently in a beautiful Ethiopian neighborhood, and always thought I would have the time to stock up on those goodies. Now that I am on the west coast, I regret not buying a bunch of non-perishable supplies before moving. Oh well! I still have tons of friends there and between them and my frequent visits, I am sure I can build up my Ethiopian cooking and cultural supply collection in no time once I am ready to. I’ll let you know next time I will be in DC, just in case your family would like me to pick up anything.

  5. What company makes it for $190? You can email me the answer if you like, if you don’t want to post it. I know of a company in Seattle that sells such a grill for slightly cheaper than $90. I’m wondering if it’s the same company that you have written about, and that they have just recently dropped their price. I’m looking for one that has neither a Teflon surface nor an aluminum surface.

  6. You are the first site to say they have looked at the bottom of a lefse grill! How does this grill differ from a regular old $30-$50 electric griddle? Just what does the bottom look like?? We are on the hunt to make lefse and would much appreciate your input! Thank you.

  7. So I came across your blog while searching for something entirely different and I was so pleased to come across this. It amazed me how excited you are about mitad and injera. We Ethiopians are a very close-nit nation and when we come across people like you, we see you like family because you love and appreciate our culture and we love that!

  8. The lefse grill is THE best mitad for injera. As a Norwegian-American who lived in Ethiopia 13 years, I celebrate the fact that the box says “Heritage Grill”, not just the Norwegian heritage.

  9. oh wow! im really glad that someone is thoughtful to put this valuable info. up. i leave away from home in a small town as a university student and i crave injera..what can i say i grow up with it. now that i was desparate to make it i didnt know where to find it! i leave in a small town in canada so chances are no one knows what mitad is! well at least no the non habeshas which are the only people i know here. so this site has been an answer to my prayer now i ordered it i can make injera beyaynetu!
    betam ameseginalehu!

  10. Aleksandra Says:

    I found your post two days ago, and just ordered a lefse grill online. I can’t wait to try it!! I have been struggling to make injera at home for months now. The problem is not with the dough, but the frying pan – it sticks, it burns, there are no bubbles, etc etc…. Very frustrating! I have just read in a afew posts on the Net that you need to cover he pan after the injera develops nice bubbles on top. Maybe that was my mistake while using a frying pan…? Others say you need to fry it till it bubbles, and then stick it in the oven. Hmmm.
    I see this is quite an old post – have you used your lefse pan yet? Is it really working??
    and, since it is sooo expensive, I would of course like to be able to use it for other things too – like Indian dosas. Is is okay to use it for dosas, if I don’t use any oil? and what are those rape seeds that I need to clean it with? Where can I get those and can I use something more common to clean my grill? thank you in advance for sharing your experiences:)

  11. LaTatrice Says:

    I hope these few lines reach you in good health and spirits. I was reading your wonderful blog and wanted to know the name of and/or where I can find a mitad that does NOT have neither a teflon nor aluminum surface?

    Thank you in advance for reading this message! Thanks in advance.

    Peace and blessings,

  12. Indian food is always good for student recipes especially if you are cooking for many, cheap to make and tastes great!

  13. Can any one tell me please who are the manufacturers of these fantastic silverstone heritage grill?Where can I buy the lid fot the heritage grill?

  14. To all looking for a mitad:

    1. Yes, you can buy the Heritage grill online at Target.

    2. But you can also buy a mitad here:

    “Mogogo” is the Tigrinya word for mitad, and this item was invented by an Eritrean-American who lives in Seattle. This product is a bit more “authentic” than the Heritage grill sold online by Target. You can also use this item on your stove over an open flame, which is MUCH more authentic. It was designed to be used with its electric chord or over a flame.


  15. Awesome Info- Thanks for all the research!

  16. now ,my thesis i am starting on this mitad/mogogo( ethiopian enjera baking pan) . if you want any contribution on this thesis i am happy.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. now ,my thesis i am starting on this Ethiopian enjera baking pan) . if you want any contribution on this thesis i am happy.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I thank you for the information you gave us. P’se send me full information bout the electric Lefse Grill with the cover. Thanks again.

  19. Getnet Mulatu Says:

    i am Ethiopian citizen,i have work research in this mitad you now all Ethiopians women kitchen room problems are generally solved in by my project you contact for me and support for yours all thanks.

  20. LOL… This is awesome! Thanks for the wonderful find and valuable information about how to prepare and keep the grill! 🙂

  21. Hi there~
    i am just curious, is this mitad has a cover? thanks

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